A Toubab in Rufisque

This is my friend Francoise

This Sunday Francoise invited me to a party to celebrate the Confirmation of her cousin in the town of Rufisque, about 30 km from Dakar.

This is my friend Cathy

Cathy is Francoise’s sister. I met Francoise during my first week in Darak. Since then she and her family have made me feel extremely welcome here in Senegal. Rosine, Francoise’s mother, taught me to make Yassa (see previous post), while Noel her brother is a social entrepeneur with whom I’ve had some great conversations.

Rufisque provided some great opportunities for some photos!

Rosine and I, sharing a beer

Rosine has given me her surname, so I am now known as Tim Sambu. There was a party going on around us…

And the Senegalese do love to dress up…!

Beaux gos...

There were lots of children, who loved the camera. I came back with 315 photos and a sore trigger finger!

Having maintained a slow pace all day the party didn’t go on too late, inspite of the entreaties of my new friend Jean… As darkness fell we wandered through the streets to the house of a friend of the family, where I shared their son Michel’s bed and was woken up at about 5 am by the loudest rooster in the world. But it was a great day!

Cathy, Marie-Therese (Aunt), Yours Truly, Francoise

And as we were walking home this morning, guess what I saw….

There you are little chap!



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